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The "Internet Elite" (or the "Internet Illuminati" as I call them) Literally Flipped Out over what I was doing!

They did everything they could to shut me down.  They went after my websites.  They went after my hosting.  They lobbied to get my affiliate links shut down. They launched an all out assault on my little band of marketers. They even tried to get a restraining order to keep me off the Internet!

Why?  What were they so afraid of?  I wasn't an Internet "bigshot" or some  high-falutin' "guru".  Sure I'd had some results but what was I doing that was so scary for these guys?

It came down to one thing...  THE NUMBERS!

Numbers don't lie, but sometimes they expose the lies of others.

Me and my merry little band, 120 of us, had defied all conventional wisdom about what was possible online.

Our system was...



Here's what's so astonishing! For all the hype and hooplah on the Internet about making money, over 99% of people who start an online home business never even make their money back.

Sure you'll hear about this guy or that guy who made $100K his first month or whatever... and that guy may be real. But in ALL cases, the normal, expected result (if you had all the facts) would be to fail.

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Until my new system came along.

The AVERAGE person in our 120 person test was profiting about $500 per month. Some of course were making more (some were making thousands per month), and some were making less.

But the key was that on average, people were profitable. And this freaked everybody out. See those Internet Illuminati guys (you'd probably recognize a lot of these guys, they're plastered all over every home business site on the web) they all know the dirty secret on Internet marketing... that it only works for a select few. Until we came along.

With the system I have built, anyone, ANYONE, can be successful, and in fact it is a statistical PROBABILITY that you will make money with this system.

This is why we are able to offer the only ONE YEAR PROFIT GUARANTEE you will find on the web. At the end of a year, you will have recouped all the money you spend on our system AND all the money you spend on advertising - or we will refund 100% of your payments.

You won't find a guarantee like that
anywhere online... I guarantee that!


So if you'd been earning a ton of money teaching people how to make money online, knowing that most of them are failing and thus keep buying more and more training from you thinking that's the solution, then wouldn't you be ticked off if some upstart little marketer built a system that actually made money for the majority of people who used it?

If word got out on this... the whole industry would meltdown. The perpetual flow of customers would instead turn into savvy business owners who were making money and didn't need to buy a new training course every 3 months.

And that's pretty much why these guys flipped out. And frankly I can't blame them (though I do think they went a little overboard in their reactions...)

But I'm not worried about the fat cats, I'm worried about the alley cats. I'm worried about YOU.

Are you ready to discover the only system
on the Internet that guarantees a profit?


Are you ready to understand how we've used our unique T3FP formula to create a system that literally cannot fail (no matter how hard you might try to break it!) Are you ready to stop the cycle of buying training after training, thinking that the answer to your frustrations is always on the next page?

Enter in your name, email and phone and I'll show you a video that explains exactly what sets this system apart from anything else out there.



  Please send me online business tips and special offers, no more than 2 per week.